Giza: Removing the works of converting garages into shops in Al-Ahram Gardens

06:49 PM

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Major General Ahmed Rashid, the governor of Giza, was assigned to intensify campaigns to monitor violations, raise occupancy and encroachment on the public road sanctuary and achieve discipline, in addition to confronting violations of trespassing on garages and converting them to a commercial purpose.

According to today’s statement, the Giza Governorate, through the Haram district headed by Tayseer Abdel Fattah and the Al-Ahram Plateau sector, stopped and removed illegal construction works, which included converting a garage in property No. 50H to dividing shops and rooms.

The governorate added that the violation was removed to the surface of the ground, with legal measures taken, following the follow-up of Tawfiq Gamal, head of the Al-Ahram Plateau sector.

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