Lebanese Nour: My love, my lover, a stage I promised .. and Yasser Jalal is an actor and a great experience.

12:15 AM

Wednesday January 12 2022

Books – Moataz Abbas:

The Lebanese singer Nour was a guest on the “Her Excellency” program, presented by the artist, Esaad Younes, broadcast on the “DMC” satellite channel, this evening, Tuesday.

And about the movie “Shorts, T-shirt and Cap”, with the great artist Ahmed El-Sakka, “Noor” commented, saying: “My beloved, my lover, I promised, and I worked in other series, such as the lost man and Rahim, and then the Prince, and among them was Jamal Al-Harem.”

And about the actor, Yasser Jalal, she said: “Yasser is a great actor, great talent, and great experience. He embraces all people and feels their problems and understands them at length. If he needs me, he helps me, and I did not feel that I was a host in the scenes of filming Rahim and a man left.”

And she continued, “I love the hospital scene in the series “Didal Ragel” with Yasser Jalal, and the difference is great between Rahim and “Dil Ragel”, in terms of personality and photography, all of it is different.”

And she continued, “In the Rahim series, the character was different. He was in love, dancing and escaping, and I was engaged to another, and in the scene of my quarrel with Yasser Jalal and the tango dance scene, and we trampled on two men together.”


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