“Lee Jae-myung is oppressed by the Wen government” Song Young-gil’s comments…

Democratic Party Representative Song Young-gil (left), Democratic Party lawmaker Yoon Young-chan / File photo of Kyunghyang Newspaper

Criticism is coming from within the Democratic Party for the remarks by Song Young-gil, chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, that “President Lee Jae-myung was a person who was oppressed by the Moon Jae-in administration.” On the 12th, Democratic Party lawmaker Yoon Young-chan responded that it was not true, saying, “It’s a zinc loss.”

Rep. Yoon posted his social networking service (SNS) post on the same day, saying, “I am shocked by the words of President Song Young-gil that the Moon Jae-in administration suppressed Lee.” he criticized

Rep. Yoon said, “I also served the President (Moon Jae-in), but the President is not in the mood to oppress anyone. He is a person who endures for the sake of the whole even when it is difficult.”

“It doesn’t match the facts at all, and it doesn’t help the Democratic Party to win,” he said.

Previously, CEO Song appeared on MBC the day before and said, “This candidate was a person who was oppressed by the Moon Jae-in government.

Candidate Lee was indicted on charges of abuse of power and violation of the Public Official Election Act in connection with the suspicion of ‘compulsory hospitalization of his brother’ It is interpreted as implying the differentiation of this candidate.


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