Rise of online mall ’empty box marketing’… Fair Commission warning and fine for negligence

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As online shopping transactions increase, ’empty box marketing’ disguised as actual purchase reviews is on the rise. Empty box marketing has part-time students purchase products using their personal IDs and payment methods to avoid the self-review manipulation crackdown network of online shopping malls such as Naver. It is a method of randomly writing a purchase review.

According to Yonhap News on the 12th, the Fair Trade Commission recently issued a warning to the judges on ThinkPet, a dog food vendor that violated the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce. As a result of the Fair Trade Commission investigation, Think Like Pet sold dog food through a smart store and used empty box marketing to entice consumers to write false reviews about the product.

The Fair Trade Commission pointed out that consumers believed that the false reviews written by part-time students such as ‘it’s good value for money’ and ‘satisfied’ were written by real buyers, and made it possible to mistakenly believe that the product was of good quality and many people bought it.

The Fair Trade Commission found that Moon & Jun, who sells accessories, also deceived consumers using empty box marketing while selling products through smart stores, and issued a warning and a fine for negligence.

Cosman, which sells cosmetics raw materials, JKN Korea, which sells toys for children, and YS International, which sells heating vests and mini-beams, also received a warning from the Fair Trade Commission for marketing an empty box.

Earlier, in December of last year, the Fair Trade Commission first discovered that Copyerland, a company specializing in office equipment, posted 15,000 false advertisements on internet shopping malls through empty box marketing, and imposed a fine of 35 million won.


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