The Qanater facility.. The seventh victim of a 15-year-old girl was recovered

05:58 PM

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

The river rescuers in Giza continued their work to retrieve the bodies of the victims of the fall of a truck from the top of the Al-Qatta ferryboat in the center of Mansha’at Al-Qanater, north of the governorate.

The frogmen succeeded in exhuming the body of the seventh victim, Nada Ahmed Hassan Atta, 15 years old.

The beginning dates back to the Public Prosecution receiving a notification yesterday, Monday, that a transport vehicle sank in the Nile waters towards the village of Al-Qatta in Mansha’at Al-Qanater. Twenty-four workers, including children and adults, were on board.

The workers were on their way back from a farm they were working on. The driver of the car climbed an unauthorized crossing over the river water (a ferryboat) and was unable to control the car, and it fell into the water.

The accident resulted in the death of two of its occupants, the loss of eight others and the search for them is ongoing, while fourteen were recovered alive. The police forces, led by Colonel Ali Abdel Karim, inspector of the North October Division, and Lt. Col. Ikrami Al-Batran, head of the Qanater facility investigations, arrested the driver and three employees of the unlicensed crossing, and the owner is being arrested.

A team from the Public Prosecution office went to the scene of the accident to inspect and debate the two bodies. The Public Prosecution summoned the survivors to hear their testimony, and investigations are ongoing.

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