Gwangju apartment exterior wall collapse… Hyundai Development Company “An improbable accident has occurred”

Byung-gyu Yoo, CEO of Hyundai Development Company, announces an apology near the site of the collapse of the exterior wall of a new apartment building in Hwajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju on the morning of the 12th. yunhap news

Regarding the collapse of the outer wall that occurred at the new construction site of ‘Hwajeong I-Park’ in Seo-gu, Gwangju on the 11th, Yoo Byung-gyu, CEO of HDC Hyundai Development Company, visited the accident site on the 12th and said, “I will do my best to correct the accident and recover the damage.” said

“An unpredictable accident has occurred. “As the search and rescue of the missing is an urgent task, we will work closely with relevant agencies such as the Fire Department, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Gwangju Metropolitan City and Seo-gu Office to make sure that the search for the missing is complete,” he said.

“We are doing our best to take safety measures to prevent secondary damage, and we will faithfully work on investigations by investigative agencies and the investigation of the cause of the accident by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport,” he said.

About 50 people, including CEO Yoo Byung-gyu, executives and staff of Hyundai Development Company, and rescue and safety experts, visited the accident site on the 11th to search for and rescue missing persons, and to take safety measures to prevent further damage.

Meanwhile, the fire department will conduct safety examinations in the building where the accident occurred from this morning. According to the results of the safety examination, the search to find the six workers who have lost contact is expected to resume.

Gwangju City and the fire department announced on the 12th that they would conduct on-site safety inspections at Hwajeong I-Park Complex 2 in Hwajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju, where the collapse occurred.

Authorities are planning to mobilize experts to see if there is any risk of the 140m-high tower crane collapsing. The possibility of further collapse of the building is also investigated.

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