Kyobo Life Insurance Launches In-house Venture System

Employees participating in Kyobo Life’s in-house venture program are taking a commemorative photo. Provided by Kyobo Life

Kyobo Life Insurance announced on the 12th that it would launch the ‘Kyobo In-house Venture System’ in earnest.

Kyobo Life Insurance said, “The Kyobo In-house Venture System was established as part of ‘ambidextrous management’ to discover and develop creative ideas of employees and strengthen the promotion of new businesses. It is also meaningful in that it creates an arena of innovation.”

Kyobo Life first introduced (piloted) the in-house venture system in 2020, and held the ‘In-house Venture Startup Idea Contest’ in June of last year. A preliminary in-house venture program was operated for three months from September last year for the nine teams selected here.

Kyobo Life plans to verify business feasibility through an in-house venture acceleration program for the next year and help prepare for commercialization and start-up.

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