Le Point: Did the second man in the Chinese intelligence defected and join the American enemy?

The French magazine Le Point (Le Point) said that the second person in the Ministry of State Security and the leader of Chinese intelligence, Dong Jingwei, disappeared a year ago after a trip from Hong Kong to California on February 21, 2021, and asked: Did the intelligence man defect and join the American enemy, as some rumors say? ? Emphasizing that whoever knows the truth does not seem to have decided yet to reveal it.

The magazine pointed out that the Cold War made people accustomed to talking about dissent, the existence of secrets, poisoning, spreading lies and directing them to false leads, and that what was new was the extensive use of social media, which Beijing did to deny – without convincing – the defection of Jingwei and his joining with the treasure of information he knows about Covid. -19 with the American enemy.

Recall Jean Gisnel in his report The magazine stated that the intelligence and counterintelligence services play a major role in the new period of international tension that the world has entered, especially if it is affiliated with one of the countries that are at the forefront of the crisis, because in such cases they provide the leaders with the intentions of their competitors or allies, and therefore it is necessary to protect them from attacks The enemy, especially if he is like Beijing.

Information about covid

The magazine said that Dong Jingwei is no stranger to the French counter-espionage services, as journalist and writer Roger Vallego referred to him in his book “Chinese Intelligence”, saying that in 2008, when he was an official of the Ministry of State Security in the Hubei region, he oversaw espionage operations in France, and that the case of my client The French External Security Department convicted of spying for China can be linked to his possible defection.

Now – as the magazine says – the secrets of Jingwei’s strange disappearance are still in the process of rumors, including that the Chinese spy has arrived in the United States with valuable information about the spread of Covid-19 from the “P4” (B4) laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology Says Vallego, who speaks, reads and writes Chinese, and who had been following Jingwei step by step for years long before he disappeared.

Vallego says that we are entitled to ask what elements Dong Jingwei had regarding “Wuhan becoming a center for dual research on viruses headed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.”

He adds that “many elements after the end of writing my book made me believe that a mishandling had occurred due to the swell of activity in the facility, which explains why interesting scientific witnesses have disappeared.”

cyber war

It is known – as the magazine says – that Chinese intelligence is particularly aggressive in electronic warfare, and therefore the idea that Chinese hackers can act independently of power is pure fantasy, and this includes the resounding case related to two Chinese hackers, Li Xiaoyu and Dubeg Jiji, who are accused of trying Penetration of Western companies working on Covid-19 in Europe and Asia, as well as penetration of companies working for the benefit of US militaries.

Vallego indicated that they were acting jointly with the office of the Ministry of State Security in Canton, and this is an important testimony from an internationally recognized author, of his deep knowledge of Chinese intelligence through his continuous research in the Chinese press on the Internet, as well as his visits and contacts there, and researchers may find in his book the list The complete list of Chinese intelligence services that existed from 1949 to 2021 with the names of their leaders in Roman and Chinese characters.


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