Lotte Insurance, a horizontal and open remodeling of the headquarters office space… “Reflection of young corporate culture focused on communication”

Lotte Insurance

Lotte Insurance (Acting CEO Lee Eun-ho) announced on the 12th that after remodeling and interior work, it started working in a new office space in the Lotte Non-Life Insurance Building in Sowol-ro 3, Jung-gu, Seoul.

This office space remodeling was carried out to reflect the ‘communication-oriented young corporate culture’ that Lotte Insurance has been strengthening in the past. To this end, Lotte Insurance created an office space with a horizontal and open atmosphere as the focus.

The personal office space of employees is designed to enable horizontal communication and quick decision-making by widening the desk and removing partitions. In particular, by applying a new seating arrangement that does not differentiate between the team leader and the team member, the efficiency of communication at the work site was maximized. In addition, lounges and meeting rooms are arranged on each floor for free conversation among executives and employees, allowing for smooth exchange of opinions and discussions between departments at any time.

At the same time, the welfare and convenience facilities for employees have been greatly expanded, such as installing a ‘phone booth’ where you can make phone calls and personal lockers for storing personal belongings, and installing a ‘styler’, a clothing management device, on each floor to maintain concentration on work. .

A community zone consisting of an in-house cafe, meeting space, training ground, and employee lounge was also opened. The community zone of Lotte Insurance’s headquarters will be operated as a complex cultural space used for internal events in the future.

The in-house cafe in the community zone will adopt an operation method that fulfills corporate social responsibility (CSR) and provide high-quality beverages at affordable prices. Using mobile apps and store kiosks, the convenience of employees has been greatly improved.

In addition, an education center that can accommodate up to 60 people and 9 new meeting rooms will be newly established in the community zone to be used for various education and meetings. Each conference room is equipped with a video camera and a large monitor to provide an environment optimized for efficient collaboration and decision-making.

A Lotte Insurance official said, “We have remodeled the office space to further strengthen the communication-oriented young corporate culture in terms of hardware. explained.

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