Nam-ki Hong “Employment, 100.2% recovery before Corona … It is still difficult in the lodging and food business”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Hong Nam-ki announced on the 12th that in relation to ‘December 2021 and Annual Employment Trends’ announced by Statistics Korea on the 12th, “It has recovered 100.2% from its pre-COVID-19 peak (February 2020).” While the number of jobs such as regular workers has increased and the quality of employment has improved, the employment conditions in face-to-face industries such as lodging and food services are still difficult.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong presided over a meeting of relevant ministers (Greensil Meeting) at the government complex in Seoul on the same day and reviewed the job market situation based on December last year and annual employment trends and discussed policy response directions. Statistics Korea announced on the same day that the number of employed people last year stood at 27,273,000, an increase of 369,000 from the previous year.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong posted on his Facebook right after the meeting, “There was a lot of concern over the quarantine level upgrade, but the number of seasonally adjusted employed people increased by 63,000 in December compared to the previous month, returning 100.2% of the number of employed people in February 2020, the peak before the crisis.” explained. He continued, “The number of regular workers has increased by more than 600,000 for the third month in a row, showing a clear recovery in terms of employment. did.

However, it was evaluated that sectors that were severely affected by the quarantine crisis, such as the lodging/food industry and the self-employed with employees, were still in a difficult situation. Last year, the number of employment declines in these industries compared to the previous year was 47,000 in the accommodation and food industries, 150,000 in the wholesale and retail industries, and 65,000 in the self-employed with employees.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong said, “The government will do its best to quickly achieve a ‘complete recovery’ above the pre-crisis level in terms of quantity and quality of employment while continuing and strengthening support for the affected class.” On December 18 of last year, he said, “Policy support for small business owners and the self-employed, who are accumulating damage due to measures to strengthen physical (social) distancing, etc., support for job recovery in vulnerable sectors and classes such as youth and women, internalization of the national employment support system, and He announced that he would accelerate the implementation of the employment insurance roadmap.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Hong Nam-ki holds a meeting of relevant ministers (Greensil Meeting) with the main content of ‘December 2021 and Annual Employment Trends’ at the government complex in Seoul on the 12th and discusses the job market situation. Provided by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

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