“Receive 100,000 won for quarantine supplies” Submission of 10 subtitles from the 17th

Small business quarantine support website

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups will start accepting applications for subsidies for quarantine products to small businesses and small businesses from the 17th. This is a measure to ease the burden on small businesses and small business owners who have to install QR code verification terminals, etc., due to the expansion of the quarantine pass system on December 6 last year.

According to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups on the 12th, 16 industries are subject to mandatory introduction of quarantine passes. Entertainment facilities and singing practice areas, indoor sports facilities, bathhouse business, bicycle racing, racetracks and casinos, restaurants and cafes, academies, movie theaters, performance halls, reading rooms, study cafes, multi-rooms, PC rooms, museums, art galleries, science halls, party rooms , library, massage parlor, etc. Schools and reading rooms, where the court has suspended the introduction of quarantine passes by citing an application for injunction, will also be eligible for support.

Quarantine items are supported up to 100,000 won per company, such as terminals for checking QR codes, detergents, and thermometers. Small businesses and small business owners who can confirm the mandatory introduction of quarantine pass through the database (DB) owned by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups will receive the first payment from the 17th to the 6th of the following month. If you submit a receipt for purchase of quarantine products purchased after December 3 of last year through the website of the city/gun/gu where your business is located, you will receive a subsidy for quarantine products after going through a verification process.

For the first ten days of application, from the 17th to the 26th, the 10 sub system will be implemented according to the last digit of the business registration number. On the 17th, those with business registration numbers ending in 7 are eligible. From the 27th to the 6th of the following month, you can apply regardless of the number.

The first payment recipients will be notified by text message from the city/gun/gu, and can apply on the designated date after receiving the text message. Although the mandatory introduction facility is in operation, secondary payments (confirmed payment) are made on the 14th to 25th of the following month for small businesses and small business owners who have not received a text message because they have not been verified through the DB. As there is no related data in the DB, you must submit your business registration certificate, representative ID, a copy of your bankbook, and a purchase receipt through the website of the city/gun/gu.


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