Samsung’s ‘Bespoke Cuker’ cooperates with CJ CheilJedang… More than 200 menu items

Samsung Electronics’ new concept cooking appliance ‘Bespoke Cuker’. Provided by Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics announced on the 12th that it will cooperate with CJ CheilJedang, the largest food company in Korea, to popularize the new concept cooking appliance ‘Bespoke Cuker’.

Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke Cuker, launched last year, is a cooking appliance with microwave, grill, air fryer and toaster functions. It features a ‘Scan Cook’ function that automatically sets the optimal conditions for cooking, such as time and temperature, by scanning the barcode on the dedicated menu. Samsung Electronics has developed exclusive home-cooked meals and meal kit menus in collaboration with Korea’s leading food companies.

CJ CheilJedang introduced its main convenience foods, such as ‘Gourmet’, crispy sweet and sour pork, ‘Bibigo’, savory grilled mackerel, thick grilled mackerel, and kondere namul-bap, with recipes optimized for bespoke cookers. We plan to continue expanding our exclusive menu in the future.

With the joining of CJ CheilJedang this time, Bespoke Cuker users can choose from a total of 170 recipes or menus provided by 13 food companies. Samsung plans to expand its recipes and menus exclusively for bespoke cuers to more than 200 types within January.

Park Chan-woo, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliance Business Division, said, “Bespoke Cuker not only supports anyone to make delicious and convenient food with innovative technology, but is also opening a new chapter in the Korean food culture through cooperation with food companies.” “This CJ Through collaboration with CheilJedang, consumers will be able to experience the value of Bespoke Cuker more abundantly.”

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