Shinhan Life Foundation, 400 million won worth of food support to undernourished children

Shinhan Life Shinhan Foundation officials are putting healthy lunch boxes in a box to send to children who are concerned about lack of food. Provided by Shinhan Life

Shinhan Life’s Shinhan Life Shinhan Foundation, a social contribution foundation of Shinhan Life, announced on the 12th that it will provide 8,000 healthy meals worth 400 million won to 1,000 children from disadvantaged groups in Seoul and Gyeongin who are at risk of skipping meals during winter vacation.

This support project, which has been expanded since last year, was prepared for children who could not use school meals due to the start of winter vacation and who may skip meals due to difficulties in using the care center due to the prolonged Corona 19. Last year, the foundation provided a total of 4,400 healthy meals to 800 children during winter and summer vacations.

Meals are delivered to children by early morning delivery once a week, for a total of 8 weeks. A professional nutritionist made up a total of 9 meals, including main dishes, side dishes, and soups, considering the nutrients and tastes necessary for growing children.

Seong Dae-gyu, president of the foundation, said, “We will continue to make efforts to spread a culture of sharing in our society, such as providing support to children who are in the blind spot of welfare.

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