The controversy sparked by expelling demons.. the most prominent information about Father Makari after his death in Corona

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Wednesday January 12 2022

Books – Mina Ghaly:

Fr. Makari Younan, Priest of the Great St. Mark Church in Azbakeya, passed away yesterday, Tuesday, after a short struggle with illness, at the age of 88, and after a priestly service for more than 45 years.

Masrawy reviews the most important information about the late father Makari Younan:

1- He was born on March 1, 1934.

2- He was ordained a priest by Anba Mikhail, the former Metropolitan of Assiut, on July 18, 1976.

3- He served in Assiut for about a year after his ordination as a priest, before Bishop Michael of Assiut ordered his expulsion from the service in the diocese, because of what he considered inappropriate method by Father Makari in the Palm Sunday sermon in the presence of His Eminence the Metropolitan, and some doctrinal remarks in his sermons. suspended from service.

4- After that, he served in the St. Mark’s Church in Azbakeya.

5- He is a famous preacher, author of several books, and has some beautiful poems composed as hymns.

6- Famous for the issue of casting out demons, about which some questions revolve, at least from the viewpoint of the presentation.

7- In contrast to his problem with His Eminence Bishop Michael, he also had contact with Bishop Raphael, Bishop Agabius, Bishop Stephen, and Bishop Martiros.

8- Pope Shenouda transferred him to the seminary for trial (and the head of the seminary for priests’ affairs at the time was Anba Timothy), but he revolted against those present, so the matter was transferred to His Holiness, who in turn told him to learn from the sayings of the fathers, and then he was asked by His Eminence Anba Bishoy To write a book on Orthodox baptism to prove the correctness of his inclinations and belief.

9- He presents a weekly program from the Great St. Mark Church in Cairo + a book lesson on Al-Hurriya TV, and his sermons are shown on Al Karma TV.

10- He and his wife were recently infected with the Corona virus, until his wife died a few days ago, and he also died today at the age of 88.​

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