The United States is experiencing the worst blood shortage crisis for the first time in more than 10 years

03:20 AM

Wednesday January 12 2022

Washington – (USA):

The American Red Cross has announced a blood shortage crisis in the United States for the first time in more than a decade.

In a statement, the authority stressed that this crisis poses a threat to patient care, forcing doctors to make difficult decisions about prioritizing patients in receiving blood transfusions and deferring who can wait until more is provided, stressing the urgent need to donate blood to help prevent further delays. Necessary treatment for patients.

Dr. Bambi Young, the chief medical officer of the authority, pointed out that while some cases can wait, others cannot bear it, adding that hospitals are still receiving accident victims, cancer patients, people with anemia and other diseases that need blood transfusion urgently, and this cannot be faced without More donors, stressing that all blood types are required to face the crisis.

The statement indicated that the Red Cross has witnessed a 10% decrease in the number of blood donors since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, which has exacerbated the problem, especially after the increase in cases of the Omicron mutant and before that, Delta.

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