Woori Finance held a ceremony to celebrate the 21st anniversary of its founding

Employees of Woori Financial Group hold a ceremony to commemorate the 21st anniversary of its founding at the headquarters in Hoehyeon-dong, Seoul on the 11th. Provided by Woori Financial Group

Woori Financial Group announced on the 12th that it held a foundation ceremony at its headquarters in Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 11th.

Under the slogan of ‘New next, next new’, this ceremony celebrated complete privatization and declared the restoration of 21-year history as Korea’s first financial holding company. Woori Financial Group became the first financial holding company in Korea on April 2, 2001.

Woori Financial Group Chairman Son Tae-seung expressed his gratitude to customers and the public through a commemorative speech, saying, “We need to revive the history of the 21st anniversary of the establishment of the holding company and restore the historical pride of being the first and best financial group in Korea.” Let’s achieve the dream of ‘a leap forward as a global leading financial group with strong digital'” he said. He also emphasized, “Let’s accelerate the expansion of diverse portfolios such as securities and insurance, while maximizing the group’s profitability by raising the status of all subsidiaries to a higher level within the industry.”

Chairman Son said, “We must put all our capabilities into digital transformation with the determination to re-establish ourselves as a digital platform company.”

In consideration of the COVID-19 quarantine rules, only a few people attended the event, including past presidents, outside directors, major group executives, and MZ representatives. About 1,000 employees watched the live broadcast through video conferencing programs and YouTube. Former Chairman Hwang Young-ki, on behalf of the successive presidents, congratulated the achievements of complete privatization and gave congratulatory speeches to junior executives and employees, saying, “Please leap forward as the best financial group beyond the sense of mission of Kookmin Bank.”

In a video letter, former Chairman Lim Jong-ryong and former Chairman Choi Jong-koo, who led the Financial Services Commission at the time of the first privatization in 2016 and the re-launch of the holding company in 2019, encouraged them to “develop into a truly global financial company leading the Korean financial industry.”


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