The weather tomorrow, Saturday, a significant drop in temperature, and rain in some areas

09:44 PM

Friday 14 January 2022


Meteorologists expect the country to witness, tomorrow, Saturday, cold and cloudy weather during the day in Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt, the northern coasts, warm weather in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, and very cold weather at night in all parts of the country, reaching the point of frost in central Sinai.

Weather tomorrow, Saturday: chances of rain

Meteorology confirmed that there are chances of light rain falling on most parts of the country, including Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the coasts, at intermittent periods of the day.

Weather tomorrow Saturday: wind activity in all parts

The meteorologists warned of the activity of winds that raise sand and dust, in areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the coasts and northern Upper Egypt, at intermittent periods of the day.

Expected temperatures tomorrow, Saturday, everywhere:

The temperature in Cairo: the high is 16 and the low is 10

The temperature on Alexandria: the high 17, the low 12.

The temperature on Aswan: high 20 degrees, low 6

The temperature on Qena: the high 19 and the low 8 degrees

Temperature on Luxor: High 19 and Low 8

The temperature on Sohag: High 19, Low 8

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