Agriculture: “The World Animal Health” announces that Egypt is free of equine anemia

12:47 PM

Saturday 15 January 2022

Books – Ahmed Massad:

El-Kasir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, confirmed that the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) declared Egypt free of contagious equine anemia.

The Minister of Agriculture said, in a statement, today, Saturday, that this announcement comes as a culmination of the ministry’s efforts to develop livestock resources and support Egypt’s leading role at the regional and international levels.

He added that with this announcement, Egypt is proceeding at a steady pace towards progress and development based on scientific foundations in the field of horses, noting that the international organization has previously also announced that Egypt is free of diseases of the equine species glanders and syphilis, and the adoption of the reference laboratory for the control of domestic production, and the Brucella Research Department at the Research Institute Animal health are two reference laboratories of the World Organization for Animal Health “OIE”.

Al-Qusair explained that this comes as a continuation of the recent successes achieved by the World Organization’s accreditation of 30 Egyptian facilities free of bird flu, which contributed to the resumption of the export of poultry products after 14 years of suspension.

He pointed out that this announcement comes in light of the implementation of Egypt’s strategy towards reaching new horizons by supporting the export of Egyptian horses, especially the purebred Egyptian Arabian horses; Which is one of the purest breeds of horses in the world; Which contributes to supporting the national economy.

Al-Qaseer congratulated the General Authority for Veterinary Services and the Animal Health Institute on this great achievement achieved by Egypt at the global level, and added that the Ministry of Agriculture spares no effort in developing livestock and protecting them from infectious and epidemic diseases, and following procedures based on scientific foundations and in accordance with international standards issued in The matter of controlling and controlling epidemic and cross-border diseases through national immunization programs and various epidemiological surveys using the latest internationally applicable technologies in this field.​

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