The Minister of Supply: The “Nebio 2022” exhibition for gold and jewelry will be held on February 19 next

03:40 PM

Saturday 15 January 2022

Books – Mohamed Sami:

Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, announced the establishment of the ministry, in cooperation with the General Division of Gold Jewelery in the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the “Nebio 2022” exhibition for gold and jewelry during the period from 19 to 21 February next, with the participation of 25 to 30 major companies operating in the industry And the gold trade, in addition to the participation of major local and international designers.

Al-Moselhi explained, during the press conference held today, Saturday, at the ministry, that the exhibition is a real beginning to announce a new stage for the jewelry, jewelry and silver industry in Egypt, to regain its leadership and regional and international position on the map of the gold and jewelry industry, pointing out that in cooperation with the Commercial Representation Authority, work will be done. To bring in a mission of international buyers who are interested in the gold industry; To promote Egyptian products and support gold exports.

Al-Moselhi added that on the sidelines of the exhibition, a conference will be organized to shed light on the modern trends of jewelry designs and the history of stamps, and the most important problems and obstacles facing the industry will be discussed, and during the exhibition the oldest makers and dealers in the field of jewelry will be honored.

The Minister of Supply indicated that a company will soon be announced that will provide the precious metal for the workshops, ensure the sales process, raise the efficiency of designs and develop them, as well as support small workshops and help them with marketing operations. To ensure raising the quality of products in that important industry.

Al-Moselhi stressed that within the framework of the strategy to support the gold industry in Egypt, the General Division for Gold and Jewelery will review the legal framework of a draft law for the industry next week, before submitting it to the legislative committee in the Council of Ministers.

Al-Moselhi said, with regard to the process of stamping gold jewelry by laser: We are in the experimental stages of the project, and the actual start will be made as soon as a strong hosting center is equipped that includes all data related to the artifacts in Egypt, and it has technical capabilities and servers capable of accommodating all the artifacts, noting that 5 additional devices have been purchased. , so as not to happen overload and queue.

Al-Moselhi pointed out that the ministry, in cooperation with the General Division of Gold, will organize an exhibition for the products of small workshops during the coming period.

With regard to the establishment of the Gold City in the Administrative Capital, the Minister of Supply said that the city’s consultants are currently setting the final points of the project, as directed by President Sisi, to show the world at the highest level.​

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