“Balamiya” .. President of the General Book Authority: A book on the history of Egyptian football will soon be published

09:08 PM

Tuesday January 18 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Dr. Haitham Al-Hajj Ali, head of the Egyptian General Book Authority, said that the authority is working on the family’s library, although its water resource has become weaker than before, in terms of prices, saying: “We sell for half the cost without profits.”

Haitham added in his interview with the “Life Today” program on “Al-Hayat” channel on Tuesday evening, that a group of projects is being worked on, focusing on young people, and the encyclopedia of pocket books that hear what, which is a group of books, each of which focuses on a branch of major knowledge and tells its story. Simply for the age of 14, saying: “It is a pocket book written by highly specialized people, and we have made 30 titles of it so far in theatre, music, geology, and so on.”

He added, that publishing tracks are being increased for children, as the focus is on this matter, especially the topics that support the Egyptian identity, such as the stories of the land, which is a very important series that presents the stories of the martyrs in the form of comics for the first time presented by the authority and the books are very cheap, with the return of the Misriya project in a format The most accurate is the Egyptian School of Egyptology, and the series is supervised by Dr. Mamdouh El-Damaty, the former Minister of Antiquities.

And the head of the Egyptian General Book Organization added: “At the beginning of the Cairo Book Fair, we will launch an electronic version of the ancient encyclopedia of Egypt by Salim Hassan, and it will be sold online, and we are coordinating with the Publishers Association and Cultural Palaces to organize book fairs in villages in different governorates,” stressing that Egypt ranks fifth in the world in Book reading rates.

He indicated that a book on the history of Egyptian football in the colloquial language will soon be issued by the authority, stressing that the Cairo International Book Fair is the second in the world after the Frankfurt Fair in Germany. .


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