The Minister of Education reveals the fact that first and 2 secondary students were prevented from entering exams on tablets

10:28 PM

Friday January 21 2022


Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, commented on what is being circulated on social media, regarding the issuance of a decision banning students from the first and second grades from entering the examination committees of the first and second grades on tablets.

The Minister of Education, through the “Together We Can” group, said: “This talk is absolutely baseless.” He also denied amending the first secondary grade exams schedule, stressing that there is no retreat from holding the exams for the first secondary grade, on the dates officially announced by the Ministry from Before.

The Minister of Education warned first-year secondary students not to follow rumours, stressing that they focus on studying and following up on the official news that the Ministry of Education officially announces on its page and that of the Minister of Education on Facebook only.

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