Life Insurance Association introduces insurance products through YouTube channel

Life Insurance Association YouTube content. Provided by Life Insurance Association

The Life Insurance Association announced on the 24th that it would make its own video explaining major life insurance products in an easy-to-understand manner and release it on YouTube.

On the same day, the association released three videos on life insurance from the ‘Strong life insurance basics (birth period)’ series in which field experts participated. The association plans to sequentially upload videos about other life insurance products such as annuity insurance, cancer insurance, and variable insurance.

The association said, “The previous video was produced by an outsourced company, but this video of ‘Birthday’ is a video produced by the association itself in which designers and association experts at the sales site participated. By introducing life insurance, it was easy to understand and vividly explained.”

The association said, “By delivering the right information about life insurance through YouTube content, we expect that both consumers’ understanding of life insurance and the image of the industry will be enhanced.”

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