Learn about the Tesla car models.. the most famous electric vehicle in the world

AndTesla produces electric cars of various shapes and sizes, andIt follows the principle of direct interaction between the manufacturer and the consumer without an intermediary between them, so there are no Tesla agencies around the world, as is the case with other car companies. The user can order and buy his car through the Tesla website through direct communication between the user and the car manufacturer.

The market value of Tesla on July 1, 2020, reached $206.5 billion, surpassing Toyota and becoming the world’s most valuable car company for the year 2020.

The volume of Tesla sales during the year 2021 reached about one million cars, and according to this American company, it delivered about 241,300 electric cars during the third quarter of the same year.


Tesla offers many models such as: Tesla S, Tesla 3, Tesla X, Tesla Y. It discontinued the first generation Tesla Roadstar and launched the second generation in 2020, and recently announced the Tesla Cybertruck transport model, the Tesla Semi semi-trailer truck.

Tesla S

The Tesla S comes with 3 engines generating 825 horsepower, is a 5-door sedan, and is the best-selling electric car worldwide for 2015 and 2016, with an estimated 50,931 units sold in 2016. As of In September 2018, it was listed as the second best-selling electric car in the world, with global sales of 250,000 units.

The best-selling Tesla S worldwide in 2015 and 2016 (Tesla)

The Tesla S became the first electric car to top the monthly sales chart in any country, after achieving first place in Norway’s new car sales list in September 2013.

Its prices start at 75,000 Saudi riyals (equivalent to 20 thousand US dollars, 314,000 Egyptian pounds).

Tesla 3 (Tesla 3)

The Tesla 3 comes with two engines that generate 430 horsepower, a 4-door sedan, which Tesla revealed on March 31, 2016, and one week after the disclosure, reservations reached more than 325,000.

Production of the Tesla 3 began in July 2017, and in June 2018, production reached 5,000 cars per week, and global deliveries reached 100,000 cars in October 2018. The Tesla 3 was ranked as the best-selling electric car in the world in 2018. Of them, about 146 thousand cars were sold.

Tesla 3 is the best selling electric car in the world in 2018 (Tesla)

The Tesla 3 maintained its lead in sales around the world, becoming the world’s best-selling electric car ever, having sold more than 500,000 cars by March 2020.

Tesla 3 prices start at about 131 thousand Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 35,000 US dollars, 550,000 Egyptian pounds).

Tesla X

The Tesla X is a mid-size crossover car, and it comes with different engines. Its engines generate a maximum power of 1020 horsepower. Deliveries began in September 2015, when it was offered with 5, 6 and 7 passengers. Passenger doors reflect the designs of the “falcon wing”. that opens vertically.

Tesla X Midsize Crossover (Tesla)

In September 2016, the Tesla X was named the “best selling electric car” in Norway.

Tesla X prices start at about 360,000 Saudi riyals (equivalent to 60,000 US dollars, 944 thousand Egyptian pounds).

Tesla Y

The Tesla Y model is a compact multi-use vehicle that comes with two engines generating 480 horsepower, and has 3 rows of seating for 7 people.

From the inside, the Tesla Way comes with front seats with electrically adjustable, heated front and rear seats, and the seats in the second row can be flattened. The Tesla car has a luxurious 13-speaker audio system, LED fog lights, and a tinted glass roof with radiation protection. UV, IR, and custom driver profiles.

Tesla Way has 3 rows of seating for 7 people (Tesla)

Tesla Wii prices start at 146,000 Saudi riyals (equivalent to 39,000 US dollars, 613,000 Egyptian pounds).

sporty style

Tesla Roadster

Tesla unveiled the second generation Tesla Roadster in 2020, and the car contains 3 electric motors that allow all-wheel drive, generating power between 800 and 1000 horsepower.

The Tesla Roadster has 3 electric motors that allow all-wheel drive (Tesla)

The base price has been set at $200,000, while the first 1,000 units will sell for $250,000. Bookings required a $50,000 deposit, and those who booked the event were allowed to take a test drive, but Tesla delayed delivery of the Roadster until 2023.


Tesla Semi

It is a semi-trailer truck, producing 1,000 horsepower via 4 fully electric motors, which was officially announced in November 2017.

The Tesla Semi includes a wide array of sensors to enable it to stay in its own lane, keep it at a safe distance from other vehicles, and provide autonomous driving on the highway.

Tesla Semi includes a wide range of sensors (Tesla)

Tesla has announced that deliveries will begin in 2019 and that the company will sell 100,000 trucks annually, but deliveries have been delayed until 2021, part of the reason for the delay is that the Semi has 5 times more battery cells, and the battery supply is not yet sufficient. For Tesla and Simi cars.

It is expected that the prices of the Tesla Semi will start at about 562,000 Saudi riyals, (equivalent to $150,000, 2.3 million Egyptian pounds).

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla announced the Tesla Cybertruck on November 21, 2019, and production is scheduled for late 2021, and on September 22, 2020, Tesla revealed nearly 600,000 orders for the Cybertruck in advance, before recently announcing the postponement of its delivery until next year. Because of the global shortage of electronic chips worldwide.

Tesla Cybertruck with 3 Electric Motors (Tesla)

The Tesla Cybertruck comes with 3 engines that generate 753 horsepower, with a unique design, steel structure and bulletproof bottles, and Tesla confirmed that this car is suitable for all terrain and will not be hindered by anything, according to Tesla’s claim.

Tesla Cybertruck prices start at about 150,000 Saudi riyals (equivalent to 40 thousand US dollars, 629,000 Egyptian pounds).


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