Sign up through KakaoTalk, claim paperless… Banks and insurance companies that change ‘easier, faster’

A woman is consulting with a bank employee on a smartphone using KB Kookmin Bank’s ‘KB Video Consulting Service’. Provided by KB Kookmin Bank

In order to survive the competition with big tech companies, banks and insurance companies are introducing new services one after another in the new year. The key is to change the existing service more easily to increase customer convenience or to simplify the procedure so that the service can be used quickly.

KB Kookmin Bank is expanding the ‘KB Video Consulting Service’ so that customers can receive face-to-face financial services through the KB Star Banking app.

Customers can conduct video consultations with staff using their mobile devices, such as smartphones, regardless of location. After listening to the staff’s explanation, you can sign up for a specific product by filling out a mobile form, entering a password, and photographing an ID. You can also consult with experts in the real estate and tax fields via video. KB Kookmin Bank plans to expand the scope of use after piloting this service for customer center management customers and customers at some branches.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance has partnered with G&Net, a company specializing in medical information transmission platforms, to open the ‘Indemnity Insurance Quick Claim’ service. Currently, 120 hospitals and clinics with which it is affiliated are providing this service, and the number of participating hospitals and clinics is expected to increase continuously.

When customers use affiliated hospitals, they can claim insurance without having to issue paper documents. You can make a claim through a kiosk in the hospital or through G&Net’s ‘Quick Claim for Indemnity Insurance’ mobile app. In this case, it is expected that the due date for insurance payment will be significantly shortened by enabling a faster examination.

Ji-hee Woo, head of Mirae Asset Life Insurance’s contract management division, said, “We plan to quickly transform into a ‘paperless insurance company’ in line with the new normal trend and provide a differentiated customer experience by integrating InsureTech.”

Hanwha General Insurance has launched ‘Hanwha OK2500 Healthy Driver’s Insurance’, a digital-only mini insurance that applies a subscription service based on the Kakao platform.

In the past, to sign up for digital-only insurance, you had to go through various processes, such as installing an app, registering as a member, entering personal information, and verifying yourself. In addition, if you stop the subscription process in the middle, the information you have already entered will be lost, and you have to enter it again from the beginning.

Hanwha General Insurance provides a subscription screen based on the Kakao platform so that you can sign up for insurance without installing a separate app. In addition, customer information is automatically retrieved through a simple consent process. In addition, even if the customer leaves in the middle of the subscription process, a link that can be created continuously from the time of last information input is delivered to the customer via Kakao Alert Talk.

An official from Hanwha General Insurance said, “In line with the trend of the times, we are continuously improving our services so that customers can purchase insurance more easily.”

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