The “Supreme Trustees” reveals the results of parents’ complaints about the Cairo preparatory exams

09:37 PM

Monday, January 31, 2022

Books – Osama Ali:

Abdel Raouf Allam, head of the Supreme Council of Trustees, Parents and Teachers, confirmed that the council is following up on the progress of the preparatory certificate exams and transportation classes at the level of the governorates of the Republic through the boards of trustees in the different governorates.

Allam met with the Director of the Directorate of Education in Cairo, Mohamed Attia, to present the complaints of a number of parents of middle school students about the social studies exam.

The Directorate of Education in Cairo confirmed that the results of the random sample of the social studies exam reveal the incorrectness of the allegations about the difficulty of the exam.

The Directorate of Education in Cairo, in its response to the Board of Trustees, clarified that the exams were in conformity with the standard specifications set by the National Center for Examinations and Educational Evaluation, and the formulation of the questions was clear and unambiguous, and the questions covered all the particles of the curriculum and came at the level of the average student, except that some parts of the exam address Higher levels of thinking according to the specifications of the exam, and that there are strict comments for the authors of the exams to abide by the standard specifications of the exam paper.

Allam sent a message of reassurance to the parents of preparatory certificate students in Cairo Governorate that examination correction work is carried out with utmost accuracy and transparency, pointing out that there is a continuous follow-up to everything related to examination work.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Trustees, Parents and Teachers affirmed that the Council follows up on all complaints received in the various governorates, works to resolve them and clarify all facts to public opinion.

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