New York Times article: The coming days are crucial for Boris Johnson… Is this the end of the British Prime Minister?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a fond of ancient Greek and Latin literature and history and often fascinated by the fall of the Roman Empire, and his government are now threatened with a similar fall, The New York Times said.

And she indicated – in an article by the British journalist Eleni Correa – that the momentum of Johnson’s misfortune was rapid and dramatic during the recent period, as the media, for weeks, broadcast accounts of several violations of the terms of the closure, during a party in a park, then another during the Christmas period and a third farewell to employees, Johnson was Notable attendees.

His approval ratings by Britons have plummeted, while angry Conservative lawmakers threaten to oust him, and the police have opened an investigation into whether the prime minister has actually broken laws set by himself.

Whether Johnson is ousted or benefits from a reprieve, the past few weeks have seen what could be described as a “complete decline” in the position of the prime minister who, just less than two years ago, led the Conservative Party to a resounding electoral victory with a comfortable majority of 80 He held a seat, which at the time suggested the possibility of him staying in power for a decade, but now that his authority was seriously wounded, his tenure is hanging by a thread.

And she adds: In addition to the machinations of Westminster (the seat of Parliament), the most important and decisive thing in Johnson’s case this time is the overwhelming popular anger and the contemptuous national mood of what happened, as nearly two-thirds of Britons want Johnson to resign, and after long accustomed to his scandals seem to have decided Finally, celebrating in the darkest moments of the pandemic is a sin that can never be forgiven.

Amazing details

The article indicates that the details of what happened during those parties were remarkably surprising, as the organizer of one of those parties – one of Johnson’s aides – sent an email on May 20, 2020 to 100 officials inviting them to “bring a bottle for each one of them” and ‘Making the most of the beautiful weather’ in 10 Downing Street (the official residence of the Prime Minister) at a time when Britain was in its second month of a national lockdown and people were only allowed to see their families one by one in public parks.

At another gathering nearly a year later, a second official was sent to fill a suitcase with bottles of wine and others improvised a place for a DJ – in the basement of the Prime Minister’s Residence, while Britain was witnessing at the time (April 16) April 2021) More than 150,000 deaths due to the Corona virus, even Queen Elizabeth adhered to the imposed rules, sitting alone at the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip.

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