Pictures.. The funeral of Abdel Salam Mahjoub, former Minister of Local Development, will take place shortly

12:20 PM

Tuesday 01 February 2022

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Photography – Hani Ragab:

The funeral of Major General Mohamed Abdel Salam Al Mahjoub, the former Minister of Local Development, and the former Governor of Alexandria, will take place shortly from the Al-Rashdan Mosque.

Karim Amr Khafaga had announced the death of his grandfather, Major General Mahjoub, on his official page on the social networking platform “Facebook”.

Khafajah said: “To God’s mercy, my grandfather, the minister, Major General Muhammad Abd al-Salam al-Mahjoub, passed away. We ask you to supplicate… O calm soul, return to your Lord, satisfied, contented, and contented.”

He added: “The funeral prayer will be held tomorrow, God willing, on Tuesday, February 1 at Al-Rashdan Mosque, after the noon prayer, and the burial is in fulfillment and hope, the axis of the Field Marshal, and condolences on Wednesday, February 2, at the Sheikh Zayed Police Mosque, the axis of July 26.”

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