The catering spokesperson reveals the number of applicants for the “My Association” project (video)

12:03 AM

Tuesday 01 February 2022


Ahmed Kamal, the official spokesman, the Deputy Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that today, Monday, January 31, 2022, is the last to receive the documents of the applicants for my association project who are on the database on the waiting lists, noting that the number of applicants for the project in the fourth stage within the waiting lists has reached Approximately 8 thousand applicants, and the screening of applications that meet the requirements for application will begin tomorrow.

The Assistant Minister of Supply and Internal Trade clarified that the conditions are (the age should not be more than 45 and not less than 21 years old – he must have an average qualification and above – he must have performed military service – he does not work in the government or the private sector).

The official spokesman of the ministry added that, based on these controls and the submission of the supporting documents that were submitted in the directorates, which are (insurance printout – a copy of a personal card – a copy of the qualification – a copy of his position on recruitment), the inspection is carried out for them after reviewing the papers and approval and approval of Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister Supply and internal trade, to conduct inspections.

Kamal stressed that the applicants should not rent or finish until after conducting the first inspection, pointing out that they adhere to the application rules, which are (the distance between the port for which the inspection is to be conducted and the nearest catering allowance or the outlet of my association shall not be less than 500 meters – and the area of ​​the port shall not be less than 30 metres).

He stressed that after completing the inspections of the fourth stage, the number of opened outlets will reach 7,000 outlets in all stages from the first to the fourth, pointing out that the goal of my association project is to provide job opportunities for young people as well as providing food commodities in places that are away from consumer complexes, adding that In its previous phases, the project succeeded in providing more than 20,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.

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