With prices and specifications.. New apartments with real estate financing in the Administrative Capital

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Tuesday 01 February 2022

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

City Edge has launched a new phase of the Al Maqsad Residence project in the third residential district, where the project consists of 12,000 housing units and fully finished villas and utilities.

Unit prices start from 1,800 thousand and up to 2.5 million pounds, for the real estate financing initiative, with a decreasing interest of 8%, as the unit area reaches 150 meters, consisting of 3 rooms.

The real estate financing installment is up to 25 years, and there are payment systems for the company over periods of up to 10 years, as a maximum, outside the real estate financing initiative.

The third residential neighborhood is “Capital Residence”, an area of ​​1016 acres, and it has 8 neighborhoods, and it includes 24,130 housing units, distributed as follows, 697 residential buildings, containing 19944 housing units, 328 villas, containing 328 housing units, and 157 townhouse buildings, containing 624 housing units. And 64 “mixed residential” buildings, comprising 2560 housing units, 151360 m2 commercial and administrative, and 9 mixed-use buildings, containing 674 housing units.

The third residential district is the first district to be used in the Administrative Capital, as the construction rate in it is currently more than 98% of its total general plan, and the investment cost of this district is estimated at more than EGP 31 billion.

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