The National Translation discusses the “Locomotive of Progress” by Dr. Jaber Asfour

09:50 PM

Friday 04 February 2022


Under the patronage of the artist, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, the National Center for Translation, headed by Dr. Karma Sami, will discuss the book “The Locomotive of Progress.. Translation and the Knowledge Society” by the late Dr. Gaber Asfour, the former Minister of Culture and founder of the National Center for Translation, at six in the evening, Wednesday, February 9, via the Zoom application and in the presence of Dr. Muhammad Al-Shahat, Dr. Imad Abu Ghazi, Dr. Adel Dargham.

The book deals with the circumstances of the founding of the National Center for Translation and the story of its emergence to the light, as some of the reasons were for some resorting to distorted literal translations at times. General and its relationship to culture and progress.

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