Pope Tawadros: We live in a beautiful time, and we are starting to move on the right path

02:27 PM

Saturday 05 February 2022

Mina Ghaly wrote:

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, presided, this morning, Saturday morning, the inauguration of the Church of the Virgin Mary and Saint Mary of Egypt – Ahlina 2, with the participation of a number of church rabbis.

Pope Tawadros said, during his homily in the Mass: The shape of Egypt from the plane whenever it approaches Cairo airport “wasn’t sweet” because of the scattered slums, and I personally was in pain from this scene, and when we connect to a country outside, we find it organized and planned, and even the roofs of the houses are all one color, why? They are like this and we are like this.

Pope Tawadros added: We are a people of civilization..in it is a country that is 200 years and 300 years old, and we are a country that is 5 and 7 thousand years old, and the state with a new leadership looks at this picture and an area like the one we were in was full of slums, and turned into an area full of good buildings and suitable for a decent living. And a virtuous life in which children are brought up and the people grow up, and we see this sweet place in its colors and beauty, and we must preserve it.

And the Pope continued: The time we live in, in truth, is a beautiful time, and you always wear glasses and you see the truth, not black glasses that see everything black. Always look at things with a realistic look, because people always forget .. Where were we and began to improve and go on the right path.

The Pope stressed the importance of loving the homeland by working in it and succeeding in it, and that man is proud of it and defends it, lives in it and finds that his homeland, like Egypt, has value and has a history.. Too many people in the world dream that they visit Egypt.. Many people themselves see the pyramid we have.. We are a nation that has roots and origins, and therefore we have a right to be proud of.​


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