Schulz heads to Washington tomorrow for his first visit after being chosen as German chancellor

09:22 PM

Saturday 05 February 2022

Berlin – (dpa)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz heads to the United States on Sunday for his first visit after being chosen as German chancellor, and he expects the visit to be dominated by the Ukraine crisis.

A meeting between Schulz and US President Joe Biden is scheduled for Monday at the White House.

This is considered a “classic introductory visit”, according to government departments in Berlin, but it is also a “visit in special times and in times of crisis”, as they describe them as well.

In the past few weeks, Chancellor Schulz has been accused by NATO partners in Eastern Europe and the United States of not putting enough pressure on Russia in the Ukraine crisis.

A week after his visit to Washington, Schulz will go first to Kiev and then to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A meeting with heads of state and government of the Baltic states is scheduled for next week in Berlin.

In addition, French President Emmanuel Macron and Polish President Andrzej Duda plan to visit Berlin to discuss the crisis.

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