Shaarawy: “Your Voice Is Heard” received 81 thousand complaints… 96.6% of them were resolved

11:17 AM

Saturday 05 February 2022

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Today, Saturday, Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, discussed the results of the report he received on the results of the work of the “Your Voice is Heard” initiative during the month of January, where he witnessed many letters of thanks from citizens for the speedy response to their complaints and dealing with them in all seriousness. This made citizens feel satisfied as a result of the efforts and interaction of the ministry and the governorates with their complaints, and that they are appreciated and genuinely concerned and their voice is already heard.

This comes in light of Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy’s assertion that the “Your Voice is Heard” initiative is one of the most important important files that he is keen to follow up on a daily basis and follow up on its reports on an ongoing basis. Because of its important role in making the citizen an active and participating party in the system of fighting corruption, neglect and waste of state resources, the lack of effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of local authorities for the services they perform, and giving the citizen the right to present his suggestions through managing an integrated platform for communication with citizens.

Shaarawy stressed that the “Your Voice is Heard” initiative launched by the ministry more than 4 years ago has so far received more than 430,000 messages through all the different means of communication for the initiative, whether the official Facebook page, WhatsApp number, hotline or email. The messages included 81 thousand complaints. The initiative succeeded in resolving 78,4 thousand complaints, or 96.6%, and 572 complaints are being resolved, in implementation of the President of the Republic’s directives to the government to activate all mechanisms of communication with citizens in the various governorates of the Republic and to listen to their demands, complaints and problems and quickly respond to and resolve them. Immediately and improve the level of services provided to them to achieve citizens’ satisfaction and alleviate their suffering.

The Minister of Local Development indicated the diversity of citizens’ complaints received by the initiative during the month of January, between complaints about garbage, which amounted to 1,476 complaints, followed by occupancy 892 complaints, then construction violations 110 complaints, infringements on agricultural lands and state property 82 complaints, and corruption 9 complaints, which were completed Referring all of them to the concerned authorities in the governorates; In addition to the complaints received by the initiative regarding the “Decent Life” initiative, which amounted to 40 complaints.

The Minister of Local Development also indicated that the initiative works through several communication channels, which makes it easier for the citizen to report his complaints in the manner that suits him and to ensure the speed of response and response to them, pointing out that the “WhatsApp” service received about 11,000 messages during the month of January; Of these, 2,181 complaints, 1,747 complaints were resolved, or 80%, and 434 complaints are being resolved. The initiative’s Facebook page, which is followed by more than 69 thousand people, received Ford’s 405 complaints, which were resolved by 68.9%. As for the initiative’s email, it received 23 complaints. The hotline received 494 phone calls from citizens that included citizens’ suggestions and inquiries about complaints received by the initiative.

The Minister of Local Development explained that the increase in the number of dealers with the initiative is evidence of the citizens’ confidence in “your voice is heard” as a result of the interaction of the work teams that were formed in the governorates to communicate with the main work team in the ministry and the governorate leaders in working seriously with complaints and quickly resolving them, in addition to the difference of the initiative from any A previous mechanism for receiving complaints from citizens, given its reliance on the simplest, non-traditional methods of receiving complaints through social media; Especially Facebook and WhatsApp, to make it easier for citizens and quickly respond to their complaints.

Shaarawy pointed out that the initiative has been strengthened since its inception with all the mechanisms that enable it to quickly implement its objectives and perform its work to the fullest extent in a manner that achieves the satisfaction of citizens and help them respond to their complaints while ensuring that the citizen is not harmed by filing a complaint as long as it agrees with the criteria of the right to submit it, noting that The initiative is a continuation of the development of the existing complaints and citizen service system in the Ministry.

The Minister of Local Development directed the executive bodies in the governorates to conduct field tours to ensure that all complaints are resolved in a radical way and that such complaints do not return again, and that immediate measures are taken against those responsible, noting that the initiative’s work teams in the governorates are like a permanent operations room at all local levels. During which it deals with complaints received by it in a timely manner, follow-up and communicate with its owners, and inform them of what has been done in connection with their complaints.

The Minister of Local Development praised the efforts made by the initiative work teams in the ministry and the governorates to serve citizens, calling for more effort and work to speed up interaction with complaints and work to resolve them in coordination with governorate leaders to reach an advanced stage of citizen satisfaction with the performance of the local administration.

It is worth noting that it is possible to communicate with the “Your Voice is Heard” team through the various means of communication provided by the initiative via the WhatsApp number (01150606783), the hotline number (15330) and the initiative’s official page on the social networking site “Facebook” (www.facebook). .com/sotakmasmwo, and email [email protected]

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