“Suffers fractures.” The child’s cousin, “Ryan”, explodes a surprise: “He was taken out at five in the evening.”

10:43 PM

Saturday 05 February 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Younis Oram, the cousin of the child “Ryan”, who fell into a well since last Tuesday, revealed a surprise about the child, Rayan, saying: “Ryan was taken out at five thirty in the evening, but he is in intensive care inside the tunnel.”

Younis added, in a telephone interview to the “A Final Word” program on the “OnE” channel, today, Saturday: “The news I have is reliable that the child Rayan is currently out of the well and receiving intensive care inside the tunnel… He came out of the well at half past five, and this is reliable news.” He suffers from severe fractures.

He continued: “Ryan has 2 brothers, one of whom is 11 years old, the other is 16 years old, and his father works in agriculture and agriculture, and the people gathered around the well are from all over Morocco, and there are brothers who visited us from Saudi Arabia.

Millions around the world held their breath, in the ongoing race against time to save the Moroccan child Rayan, who has been stuck at the bottom of an impenetrable well for five days, fighting death, desolation and cold, especially after news repeatedly reported that there was a “last meter” preventing the boy from coming out to light.

Millions around the world have followed the epic of extracting the five-year-old Moroccan child, since he fell three days ago, in a well in Chefchaouen province, more than 30 meters deep, dug by his father for agricultural purposes years ago. from his family.


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