CU, franchisee owners/employees subsidize up to 50% of cyber university tuition

Convenience store CU provided.

Convenience store CU signed an agreement with Sejong Cyber ​​University to support the education of franchisees. CU announced on the 6th that it will proceed with the recruitment of new and transfer students from Sejong Cyber ​​University for franchise owners and staff until the 15th.

According to CU, franchisees can receive a full tuition exemption from admission to Sejong Cyber ​​University and a 50% reduction in tuition for regular semesters until graduation. A 30% discount on tuition is offered to the franchisee’s family (spouse and immediate family).

Even when entering Sejong Cyber ​​University graduate school, franchise owners and their families can receive a 30% reduction in tuition until graduation. Employees who work at CU also receive a 30% discount on tuition and admission fees at Sejong Cyber ​​University and graduate school if they submit a letter of recommendation from the franchisee and proof of employment.

There are 34 departments that can be admitted, including the Department of Food Service Franchise, the Department of Culinary Service Management, and the Department of Social Welfare. All classes are conducted through mobile and online classes so that you can work at a store and study at the same time, and you can graduate early depending on the number of credits you complete.

Min-jae Lim, head of the win-win cooperation department at BGF Retail, which operates a convenience store CU, said, “I hope it will be a good learning opportunity for franchise owners and employees who have put off their dream of studying due to COVID-19 and their livelihood.”

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