Equipping 12 youth centers with display screens for the final transfer of Africa in Fayoum

06:53 PM

Sunday 06 February 2022

Fayoum – Hussein Fathy:

Ahmed Al-Ansari, the governor of Fayoum, announced the preparation of 12 clubs and youth centers in various centers and villages of the governorate, with screens, in preparation for the presentation of the final match of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon, which will be held at nine o’clock this evening, Sunday, between the teams of Egypt and Senegal, inviting all citizens to watch the match. Free of charge, with all precautionary measures taken.

The governor added that the youth centers and clubs that were equipped to broadcast the match include the Popular Arena Youth Center in Fayoum City, Sila Youth Center in Fayoum Center, Tamiya Youth Center, Al-Nasr Club Batamia, Atsa Youth Club, Atsa City Youth Center, and the two youth centers of the city of Sinnuris and Bani Atman in Senoures. The Shawashna Youth Center and Abaza Youssef Al-Siddiq Youth Center, the Tabhar Youth Center and the Abshaway Youth Center Stadium.

Al-Ansari stressed that broadcasting such tournaments comes within the framework of the political leadership’s directives to ease the burdens on members of youth bodies, and the right of the Egyptian masses to encourage and support their national team in order to achieve victory and raise the name of Egypt high and high and make the Egyptian people happy.

The governor directed, in coordination between the various local units, the Directorate of Youth and Sports, and all the agencies concerned with the governorate, regarding the necessary equipment for broadcasting the match and ensuring free viewing of Fayoum youth and fans in a decent and civilized manner, stressing the need to adhere to precautionary measures among the masses while following the match to prevent the Corona virus.​


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