Guardian article: Israeli politicians accuse Israel of being an apartheid state

Britain’s Guardian newspaper says:The Guardian) While some in Washington and the US media criticize Amnesty International’s conclusions that Israel is an apartheid state, several Israeli leaders agree with the organization’s findings.

and cited article The newspaper reported that some prominent Israeli leaders and Israeli politicians – including former prime ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert – have warned for years that their country is sliding into an apartheid regime.

Ehud Barak

The article’s author, Chris McGrill, a former Guardian correspondent in South Africa and Israel, noted what Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said in 2010: “As long as there is only one political entity in this area west of the Jordan River called Israel, it will be either non-Jewish or undemocratic, and if Millions of Palestinians couldn’t vote, Israel would be an apartheid state.”

Former Israeli Attorney General Michael Ben Yair was quoted as saying in 2002, “We established an apartheid regime in the occupied territories immediately after their seizure. This repressive regime exists to this day.”

The writer attributed the former head of the Israeli intelligence service (Shin Bet) Ami Ayalon as saying that Israel “has the characteristics of apartheid,” adding that Shulamit Aloni is the second woman to hold the position of minister in the Israeli government after Golda Meir, and Alon Liel, the former Israeli ambassador to South Africa, told him that their country practiced a form of apartheid.

The cancer of apartheid

He added that a. B. Yehoshua, one of the most prominent living writers in Israel, said in 2020, “Cancer today is apartheid in the West Bank. This separation is going deeper and deeper into Israeli society and affecting the humanity of Israel.”

According to the author, Yossi Sarid, a former minister in the Israeli government, a former leader of the opposition and a member of Knesset for 32 years, said, “What is practiced like apartheid, administered like apartheid, and harassed like apartheid, is apartheid.”

McGrill also referred to the report of the human rights organization in Israel “B’Tselem”, which was published last year and confirmed the practice of Israel apartheid against the Palestinians, and to the submission of another Israeli group (Yesh Din) a legal opinion that “the crime of apartheid against humanity is being committed in the West Bank “.

What’s surprising

What amazes him is the number of times prominent Israelis have drawn comparisons between occupation and apartheid, the writer said, adding that he has noted how ruthless pro-Israel groups in the United States are to delegitimize any such debate.

The writer criticized defenders of Israel such as AIPAC, right-wing pressure groups in Washington and the Wall Street Journal, saying if they had read Amnesty International’s report, they rarely got involved in the details of Israel’s military regime, apartheid and forced deportation that treats Israel. Palestinians as an inferior ethnic group. He added that defenders of Israel in America focus more on discrediting Amnesty International.

Who speaks for Israel?

The writer asked: Who speaks in the name of Israel? He replied that right-wing pressure groups in Washington and American politicians would make Americans believe that they were themselves, not former Israeli prime ministers and others already living in Israel.

He explained that the pro-Israel extremist groups are now attacking for fear that the narrative in America has finally changed, as Americans no longer accept uncritically the idea that Israel is in dire need of peace and that the occupation is temporary, adding that more and more Americans now see that the system that Israel built is a system oppressive and that their governments are deceptive.

He went on to say that what is most worrying for supporters of Israel in America is that an increasing number of American Jews share this judgment, as a survey of Jewish voters in the United States last year found that 25% agree that “Israel is an apartheid state.”

He concluded that the days of the right-wing defenders of the establishment of Israel and the imposition of their false narrative are numbered.

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