The Ministry of the Interior continues to activate procedures to facilitate police services

12:58 PM

Sunday 06 February 2022

Books – Alaa Omran:

The General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality continued to take the necessary measures that would facilitate and facilitate administrative and organizational steps in line with respect for human rights, by monitoring humanitarian cases from frequenting all departments of the administration in the various governorates, to provide them with all facilities to facilitate their access to police services.

The various departments of the administration at the level of the Republic received a number of sick, humanitarian and other cases at the headquarters of the departments, and their procedures were completed, after taking all the precautionary and preventive measures implemented by the Ministry of Interior within all police agencies within the integrated plan used to prevent the emerging corona virus.

The ministry stresses that it will continue to take all measures that would facilitate and facilitate the hesitant if they visit all police sites, as one of the fundamental constants on which the contemporary security system is based.

This came within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy, which aims, in one of its axes, to facilitate citizens wishing to obtain police services and documents, especially the elderly and those with special needs.

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