Wall Street: Israel and the UAE accelerate security and intelligence cooperation to confront Iran and its allies

site said “The Wall Street Journal(Wall Street Journal) Israel and the United Arab Emirates are accelerating security and intelligence cooperation efforts, following a series of attacks on Abu Dhabi by Tehran-backed militants in Yemen.

The newspaper says that more than a year after Israel and the UAE signed a historic agreement to establish diplomatic relations for the first time, the two sides are discussing new ways to protect the Gulf state, including selling advanced Israeli air defense systems, according to people familiar with the matter.

The agreement would put Israeli military equipment directly on Iran’s doorstep and reshape the security landscape in the Middle East, where Tehran and its allies have taken a more aggressive stance against their regional rivals in recent years.

The Houthis have carried out hundreds of attacks on Saudi Arabia, while Iranian-backed armed groups have targeted the United States in Iraq and threatened Israel from Syria and Lebanon.

The newspaper says that Tehran does not want to see Israel secure a military foothold in the Persian Gulf region, and has made clear to the UAE government its concerns in this regard. Earlier this week, Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian told his Emirati counterpart – in a phone call – that Israel is a threat to regional stability.

“We must work to prevent the sources of crises from taking a foothold in the region,” Abdullahian said.

The dilemma of public acceptance

The newspaper states that the public acceptance of Israeli military and intelligence support is a dilemma for the UAE, which is looking to deepen relations with its new partner without antagonizing Tehran.

The newspaper notes that the UAE has secretly welcomed Israeli offers of military assistance at a time when it is trying to counter a series of missile and drone attacks that have killed 3 people in recent weeks.

It is still not clear whether an agreement regarding the installation of Israeli air defenses in the Emirates is soon, and it is not expected that Israel will offer the Emirates the crown jewel of its air defenses, the Iron Dome system.

The newspaper revealed that Israeli and Emirati defense companies signed a deal to jointly develop drones designed to combat threats at sea.

Yoel Guzansky, a former member of the Israeli National Security Council and current research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, said that the UAE had previously requested air defense support, but its requests had been rejected.

The newspaper quoted Guzansky that Israel had rejected the UAE request before, but there are indications that the visits of (Israeli Prime Minister Naftali) Bennett and (Israeli President Isaac) Herzog to the UAE may be the beginning of change.

Guzansky added that it was unlikely that Israel would provide the Gulf state with the Iron Dome system, but that it could provide components such as radar.


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