2030 Men nearing expiration date Most bought kimbap

Provided by 7-Eleven.

According to a survey result, the main customers of ‘Last Order’, which sells products with an imminent expiration date at a discount, are men in their 20s and 30s.

Convenience store 7-Eleven announced on the 7th that as a result of analyzing last-order service sales over the past two years, the proportion of sales by 2030 accounted for 60%. In terms of gender, the ratio of males and females was 7 to 3, showing that males were overwhelmingly higher.

The products with the highest sales in the last order service were convenience foods such as lunch boxes and kimbap, which accounted for 45% of total sales. By time zone, the peak time was between 6 and 8 in the evening as the time for disposal of packed lunches and sandwiches (8:00 p.m.) and the demand for simple dinners or late-night snacks were combined.

By region, 65% of total demand was concentrated in the metropolitan area, such as Seoul (38.6%) and Gyeonggi-Incheon (26.4%). By autonomous district of Seoul, Gwanak-gu, with a high density of single-person households, ranked first, accounting for 15.9% of total sales. In addition, Yeongdeungpo-gu (10.4%), Mapo-gu (9.2%), and Songpa-gu (6.5%) generated the highest sales.

7-Eleven announced that it had accumulated 1.6 million units of sales over the two years since the launch of the last order service, and that the amount of disposal savings was KRW 4.5 billion (based on the selling price). Lee Yun-ho, 7-Eleven’s DT Innovation Team Leader, said, “Last Order is contributing to the improvement of franchise efficiency by increasing customer visits and creating additional profits.”


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