After it adopted a film for Al Jazeera as an official document.. A Danish court grants a Syrian woman the right to political asylum

The Danish Refugee Court has adopted a film produced by Al-Jazeera as an additional main official document to grant Syrian refugee Rasha Omar the right to political asylum in Denmark and stop the decision to deport her to Syria.

Last November, the “Best Story” program broadcast a special episode entitled “Refugees in Europe”. In a short documentary, it traced the suffering of Syrian refugees in Denmark in light of the measures taken by the Danish authorities to deport Syrian refugees from Damascus and its countryside, as they are considered safe areas. .

About 35,000 Syrian refugees live in Denmark, and the Copenhagen authorities have refused to renew the residencies of about 380 Syrian refugees, and 39 of them have been placed on deportation waiting, and more than 7 refugees have already returned to Syria.

Recently, the Danish authorities reversed their decision against Syrian refugee Rasha Omar, who is one of the women whose story follows the film “For the rest of the story” program, and stopped the decision to deport her and granted her political asylum in Denmark based on the data provided in the film.

The court considered the international and local testimonies and reports contained in the film, and its appearance on Al-Jazeera screen, as an additional essential official document that was relied upon in the Rasha case, as confirmed by colleague Ammar Al-Hamdan, producer and producer of the film.

In its decision, the court stated that Rasha’s appearance in the film “For the rest of the story” program – presented and supervised by colleague Fairouz Zayani – was an additional main reason for stopping her deportation and granting her political asylum in Denmark.

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