Article in Le Point: Tunisia descends into Hell

11 years ago, Tunisia’s star rose and was appreciated and was a guest of honor at the G7 summit, but it is noticeable today that that star has faded and this country is classified among the desperate countries.

This is what the writer – in the French magazine Le Point – Benoit Dalma concluded from the annual report of the International Crisis Group, in which this organization of the European Union identifies the 10 countries at risk of conflict or an escalation of violence during the year.

He added – in an article entitled ” Tunisia goes to hell– That those countries that some call “the list of corrupt countries” included this time Tunisia, to find this country side by side with Afghanistan “the Taliban”, and Venezuela, which is engulfed by ideology and corruption, and Ukraine, on whose borders Russia has mobilized 100,000 soldiers, and bankrupt Lebanon Thus, the researchers of this group have documented a serious deterioration of the young Tunisian democracy, in the words of the author.

According to the author, nothing remained of the crumbling Jasmine revolution but a stylized image, and the absence of reforms caused economic mistrust at all levels of financial organizations, in addition to the long slanderous speeches by President Qais Saeed about “sovereignty” and “conspiring foreign countries”. The few good reformers were not reassured.

Tunisia today is still calm and is governed – according to the writer – by decrees of laws, based on a mini-constitution that Said wrote on the scale of Qais Saeed, but doubt is growing, and the public financial crisis is brewing.

At the end of his article, the writer said that the former representative of the International Monetary Fund in Tunisia, Jerome Fashi, gave advice to Tunisian politicians shortly after the end of his mandate there, warning them that without the return of democracy, there will be no serious reforms, no loans or guarantees.

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