Meritz Fire & Marine, net profit of 663.1 billion won last year…53.0%↑ from the previous year

Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance (CEO and Vice Chairman Kim Yong-beom) announced on the 7th that it recorded a net profit of 663.1 billion won on the basis of separate financial statements last year. This is a 53.0% increase from the previous year. Sales increased 9.6% year-on-year to KRW 10.301 trillion and operating profit increased 49.2% to KRW 90.8 billion. Return on equity (ROE, based on separate financial statements) was 9.2%p compared to the previous year It increased by 26.2%, the highest in the industry, and maintained double digits for seven consecutive years. An official from Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance said, “We achieved good results through continuous sales growth and business cost reduction. would

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