The Ministry of the Interior reveals the fact that a statement was issued warning citizens against stealing their homes

04:18 PM

Monday 07 February 2022

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed the fact that a post was circulated on social media alleging the issuance of a statement by the Ministry of Interior warning citizens against stealing their homes.

The security services had monitored the circulation of a post on the social networking site “Facebook”, claiming that a statement attributed to the Ministry of the Interior had been issued warning citizens not to tightly lock the doors of their homes and not to use elevators with any stranger, claiming that there is a gang formation whose members claim that they are affiliated with the water company, or that they are workers To change light bulbs for free, they rob houses at gunpoint.

On examination, it was found that what was circulated in this regard was incorrect, and that the aforementioned publication was “old”, and had been circulated on social media for several years, the last of which was last month in one of the Arab countries, and the relevant authorities in that country issued a statement that denied these rumors.

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