Why are strawberry prices so high? February is likely to be 25% more expensive than last year

New Strawberry ‘Mary Queen’ | Rural Development Administration

Strawberry prices, which have risen too high, are expected to continue rising in February.

The Agricultural Observation Center of the Korea Rural Economic Research Institute predicted that the price of strawberries in February will be 25,000 won based on 2 kg, up 25% from the same period last year, in the report ‘Strawberry and paprika supply and demand trend and outlook’ on the 8th. This is because the shipments this month decreased by about 10% compared to a year ago due to a decrease in the area shipped to strawberries and poor crop conditions.

The research team said, “The yield (yield per cultivated area) decreased by about 8% compared to February last year due to poor crop yield due to high temperature during the growing season. He added, “The area grown for strawberries has decreased due to aging of farms and a shortage of manpower,” he added.

However, it is analyzed that the strawberry price forecast for February will be somewhat more stable than the previous month. Last month, the price of strawberries (based on 2 kg) was 39,800 won, up 61% from the same period last year (24,600 won). In particular, in late January, the demand for strawberries surged due to the Lunar New Year holiday earlier than last year, so it rose to 47,000 won.

The Korea Rural Economic Research Institute predicted that “after mid-February, the temperature will rise, growth will become smooth, and strawberry shipments will increase.”


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