Convenience store delivery Mainly used on Sundays and rainy days

A delivery man is handed over a product to be delivered at a convenience store E-Mart 24. Provided by E-Mart 24

Convenience store delivery service was found to be mainly used on weekends and rainy days.

E-Mart 24, a convenience store, announced on the 8th that as a result of analyzing usage data by day of the week in the second half of last year, Sunday accounted for 20.1% of the total, showing that the usage rate was the highest. Saturday (17.8%) followed, and sales over two weekends accounted for about 40% of the total sales for the week.

From Monday to Friday, it showed a similar usage rate of 12%. In addition, E-Mart 24 analyzed sales based on days when it rained in Seoul from July to August last year, and as a result, it was more than 40% higher than the average on days when it did not rain. E-Mart 24 explained that it seems that they chose a delivery service that allows them to conveniently receive the product even if they pay the delivery fee rather than visiting a nearby convenience store on weekends and on rainy days to purchase the product.

E-Mart 24 is expected to spend more time at home until the end of February, so it has prepared free delivery and discounts so that consumers can experience delivery service. Until the end of this month, customers who order through E-Mart 24’s own application (app) delivery service can use the service without a delivery fee.

In addition, from the 9th to the 28th, a 2,000 won discount will be offered for orders over 15,000 won with BC card in Kakao Talk order, and from the 12th to the 28th, a 3,000 won discount will be provided for orders of 20,000 won or more at Yogiyo. An E-Mart 24 official said, “This year, E-Mart 24 will provide new experiences through mobile and digital to increase regular online and offline customers.

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