DB Insurance launches customized insurance products for each life cycle to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its foundation

15% premium discount for the first year to customers who maintain long-term insurance of existing DB non-life insurance

Photo/ DB Insurance

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of its foundation, DB Insurance (CEO Jeong-nam Kim) launched ‘DB Plus Guarantee Health Insurance’, which provides extensive coverage to existing customers as well as new customers.

For the first time in the industry, it is equipped with a ‘hemiplegia diagnosis fee’ guarantee, which guarantees up to 500,000 won for hemiplegia, which is characterized by a decrease in muscle strength in the upper and lower extremities or the face on one side. Hemiplegia, which is closely related to stroke, occurs most frequently as a sequelae of stroke, but can also appear as a precursor to stroke. DB Insurance provides ‘Hemiplegia Diagnosis Fee’ so that customers can detect diseases early and help them recover quickly.

In particular, ‘DB Plus Guarantee Health Insurance’ differentiates the coverage for each life cycle so that each age group can receive appropriate coverage. In adolescence (20s to 30s), the cost of diagnosis for 41 major diseases, including hemiplegia diagnosis cost before exposure to disease risk, was provided to prevent disease from worsening and to reduce the burden of treatment costs. For the middle-aged (40s and 50s), ‘Da Vinci Robot Cancer Surgery Fee’ and ‘Home Nursing Treatment Cost’ were newly added as collateral to expand the treatment coverage according to the onset of disease. New collateral such as ‘facility benefit subsidy’ and ‘rehabilitation treatment cost’ was made to prepare for caregiving risks.

In addition to these new coverage areas, the company newly introduced ‘Standing-type Collateral’, which doubles the amount of coverage for those aged 60 to 70, when the need for coverage is growing for major coverage items such as cancer, heart, cerebrovascular disease, and chemotherapy expenses.

In addition, we provide premium discount benefits to express our gratitude to customers who maintain long-term insurance for existing DB non-life insurance. For customers who have maintained our long-term insurance for more than 10 years with a total premium of KRW 50,000 or more, 15% of the operating premium for the first year and 5% after the second year are discounted to provide a wide range of coverage at low premiums.

Membership is available from the age of 15 to 75, and can be subscribed for 20 years / 30 years / 60 years / 70 years old renewal type or 90 years / 100 years old expiration type depending on the customer’s choice.

An official from DB Insurance said, “DB Plus Guaranteed Health Insurance was developed to meet the diverse needs of existing and new customers as well as various age groups. We have a competitive edge,” he said.


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