President Moon “I sincerely review the resolution of blind spots in the supplementary budget deliberation process”

President Moon Jae-in performs a national rite during a cabinet meeting held at the Blue House on the 8th. Provided by the Blue House

President Moon Jae-in said at a cabinet meeting on the 8th that “the government will sincerely review reasonable alternatives such as resolving blind spots during the deliberation process of the National Assembly.” The day before, the National Assembly Committee on Industry, Trade, and Resources Small and Medium Venture Business (industry self-government) reached an agreement between the ruling and opposition parties, saying, “In the pre-decision committee, there is a plan to provide maximum support to the self-employed and special type workers (special high schools) through related ministries’ projects so that there is no blind spot in the support for corona damage. We ask for a discussion.” In a remark at the State Council meeting on the same day, President Moon said, “We cannot delay even for a moment in support for small business owners, the self-employed, and the affected industries, who are experiencing increasing difficulties as the strengthened quarantine measures continue to be extended.” We earnestly ask for your cooperation,” he said. President Moon said, “The submission of the supplementary budget bill in January is unprecedented in normal times, but it is because prompt support is urgently needed. It is also to return the excess tax revenue generated last year to the people in need as quickly as possible.” President Moon also said, “The presidential election is one month away, and the term of our government is still three months away,” he said. Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom and Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki did not attend the National Assembly Budget and Settlement Special Committee due to the schedule of the Cabinet meeting held that day by connecting the Blue House and the government building via video. Reporter Lee Wan [email protected]

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