Started Korean Air’s ‘bio self-boarding service’ to “take the palm of your hand and board the plane”

A Korean Air official is testing the bio self-boarding service. Provided by Korean Air

From now on, even if you do not have a boarding pass, you will be able to use Korean Air domestic flights at Gimpo Airport by simply checking the palm of your hand. Korean Air announced on the 8th that it will be the first domestic airline to launch a ‘bio self-boarding service’ for flights departing from Gimpo International Airport, using the vein information of the passenger’s palm.

Korean Air said, “In the bio self-boarding service, you can instantly check your identity and boarding pass information by simply placing your palm on the boarding gate. It will significantly reduce the time it takes for the procedure.”

The target audience for the service is Koreans aged 7 years or older. You can use it by presenting your ID card at the bio-certified self-registration counter located on the domestic departure floor of Gimpo Airport in advance and registering your palm veins after consenting to the use of personal information.

Korean Air plans to expand to all domestic boarding gates at Gimpo Airport within the year after going through five gates service. The service will also be provided at Gimhae Airport from August. Korean Air is introducing biometric information-based technology, the core of its ‘One ID’ service, by providing facial recognition services to airport authorities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore. The ‘One ID’ service uses passenger biometric information to unify the identity verification procedures performed separately at airports and immigration agencies into one, and is becoming a standard in airports around the world.

A Korean Air official said, “In order to provide a more convenient experience to customers, we plan to actively implement the ‘One ID’ service, such as expanding the ‘Bio Self-Boarding Service’ to international flights as well as domestic flights.”

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